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Positano Day 1

Positano Day 1

Day 1 in the Positano area! I say area because we are staying high up the mountain overlooking the coast of Positano. The mountain region (?) is called Mt. Petruzzo, and it was one of the only roomy villas that would house our large group. We flew into Naples, to a typically unimpressive airport, and had reserved 2 drivers to take us up the mountain to our amazing cliffside villa. The ride was almost an hour as the road is swervy and very, very high up. All I could think was oh boy, what goes up, must come down. I heard Oki wasn't loving that, but am happy to report he has been having a blast now that we are here. The drivers arrived in two impressive Mercedes SUVs. Both young men spoke plenty of English, and gave us a folkloric narrative as we ascended up the mountain. 


Our group consists of 3 couples, and 1 single. Myself, Oscar, our 3 adult children, Enzo, Oki, Sofia, and the boy’s girlfriends Mckenna and Hannah. We terribly miss AARON!


Upon arriving at our Villa, the highly rated Air BNB hostess Clementina greeted us in sparkly Italian block heeled sandals and a flowery and fitted dress. She proudly showed us around her impressive home built into the side of a mountain. From the street the property is unassuming, bordering on obscure. But as you walk down the steep driveway and arrive at the terrace steps you realize that you have discovered a true gem that was literally chiseled into the steep mountain side. The terrace alone is breathtaking and overlooks a large port/cove with beautiful yachts small and large. Tucked into the terrace is a small pool that resembles a large American hot tub that is set to a cool temperature where 10 people can comfortably lounge in the shallow water while taking in our amazing mountain city and coastside views.


The inside of Clementina’s villa is decorated in true rococo ITalian style with cool white tile floors, a large living and dining area, and a perfectly equipped Italian kitchen. We have 4 very roomy suites or camera de lettos. 3 of the bedrooms are ensuites, 1 of which is complete with a huge vanity for the girls to all get ready together.  


Having arrived on a Sunday we made our first mistake in timing the Italian lifestyle and missed the Salumeria (tiniest grocery store) hours. By the time Sofia and I climbed the driveway, and made the 5 minute uphill walk into the village's small piazza teh store was closed and we were screwed. Thank goodness Clementina had graciously left us a delicious homemade orange cake right next to her fully stocked espresso station. She also has a water filter machine that dispenses cold sparkly water. So, we survived until dinner.


For our first night’s dinner, we walked to the piazza to a small restaurant called Il Ritrovo. https://www.ilritrovo.com/ This local eatery was run by a nice family and served mostly tourists from what I could see. The food was good and fresh, and priced similarly to California food prices:(. It was a beautiful atmosphere, and a satisfying meal, but it left me excited to eventually arrive in our final destination Cagli, my husband’s hometown, where my mother in law awaits. She lives there part of the year next door (several acres away) to her childhood home. There her homemade food is mouth watering and free, and the eateries are of a modest price but fit for a giant’s appetite, which will be lovely for our large party of 7 with ravenous men and women alike. 


We ended night one in our bathing suits, in the pool, having drunk too much wine! Yet, no hangover due to the clean ingredients of the wine.



Now we are having coffee, eating the cake and planning our day while Positano comes to life far below us.

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